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3 Core Principle of Meditation

  • Know the Self, the image.

  • End Conflicts of the Mind.

  • Emptiness, Wholeness, Being & Liberation.


Framework to navigate when working with the mind

  • Why are we observing?

  • Why do we need to break free of the mind?

  • Why do we need to tame or reprogram the mind?

  • Why is integration important?

  • Are you actively listening?



  • How are you In tune in with your energy?

  • Why and how does energy affect you?

  • What are you doing to protect your energy?

  • Are you aware of your energy blockage?

  • How are you releasing and restoring your energy?

  • How are you prioritizing your energy?


Awareness, Alertness & Mindfulness

  • What is awareness to you?

  • How is being alert different than awareness in meditation?

  • What is mindfulness?

  • Why are all of these important?



  • What is liberation to you?

  • Past, Present & Future; what is it to you?

  • What does desire and attachments mean to you?

  • Are you aware of how you use excuses to rationalize your thoughts?

  • What is it?


What is dharma? Dharma is mainly an eastern Buddhist term can describe the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth taught by the Buddha. Although I am not teaching you Buddhism, the concepts and discussion we will have can, however, relate to some of the Buddhist teachings. What’s important is for you to learn meditation as a tool and practice through your direct experience to access the power of your own mind.


Path To Dharma will give you the framework for your meditation practice. There are thousands of ways to practice meditation. This is just one way - a more direct path cutting through your program or subconscious mind faster. Each session will begin with some guidance, some instructions and some topics to work on outside of class.


The most important part is you need to do the work! Practice meditation daily (both morning and night) even if it’s just 5-10 minutes a day. Do not skip the practice! Sit with yourself observe your thoughts. Without this practice, you will not discover how your thoughts arise, or how the patterns and stories of your mind have been running your life. Navigate The Mind framework, is as simple as the title. Navigate your mind through meditation and integrate this into your daily life experiences. I will also break down a much deeper meaning in the stage of meditation and progress.


One of the hardest things to say to anyone who chooses to learn and practice meditation is take your time. There is no time, other than doing the work consistently. I will be straightforward with you. Nothing is going to magically happen and the questions you will ask over and over, will have no answer or clarity unless it comes from you. Your own thoughts are mostly stories from past experience and programs.

What am I learning?


The framework that I will teach and guide you through is the same patterns within you. You will get to observe and listen to your thoughts. The power of the mind isn’t something you can conceptualize or analyze that you’re already doing it consciousness and unconsciousness doing everyday and since you’re born without knowing how to access it. I spend last few years since 2015, more conscious aware of these patterns and how to break them away from the mind or thoughts patterns. Almost 9+ years of direct experiences and still learning new things about the self.


Through your own direct experience, you will learn the four simple steps listed below. All of these play the same patterns as you become more aware of it in meditation practices and integrate them to your life. What I mean by patterns is our thoughts cycle through the same memory along with past and new experiences. Meditation is to help you observe them.


Observe the Mind; you will learn a new and simple way how to observe and what to observe. It’s more simple than you think yet so powerful. You don’t need to spend years of meditation and have no ideas what’s happening.


Breaking Free of Patterns; This is where you will learn how to end conflicts which will arise when you’re stuck between choices or as you see your unwanted patterns arise. You will learn how to ask yourself why do they affect you and learn a simple way to break these patterns. But it’s up to you, whether you choose to or observe them long enough, to use these tools to break patterns so they no longer affect you.


Reprogramming the Mind; So the power of the mind, as I refer to, is not the power to conceptualize it but how effective and powerful that you have the ability to reprogram it. But it will take disciple and practice. What works and what doesn’t work in this process is based on who you are and your personal experiences. I will teach you how to reprogram your mind based on your own programming. Do you know what your current programming is?


Integration; Lastly integration is everything. If you don’t learn how to integrate these changes back into society, you will never break free from conflicts whether external or internal. It takes patience and work to integrate all this. Meaning you will need to take action when thoughts patterns arises, as you’re being challenged by your own reflections, worthiness and emotional roller coasters. You will learn the tools to change your life for better.

In the Path To Dharma - Meditation Journal, I will share the results and benefits, plus the misconceptions and challenges of meditation. You can download the journal to track your meditation practice without taking the course. If you decided to take the course. I will send the journal for free as part of the workshop.

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