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"Liberation in meditation is self-mastery.

Self-mastery is not reaching for perfection. It’s working with your imperfection. You’re already perfect in some sense, where all self-judgement and faults are merely an illusion of projection. Navigating the mind, gives us self awareness and ability to rediscover our true-self."


- Choying 

Navigating the Mind 


In addition to learning simple and advanced meditation skills, over these four weeks you’ll also learn how to navigate your mind through observation and awareness of your programmed thought patterns and how to break through those patterns and change the thought patterns that no longer serve you.


In the first hour, I will guide you through mediation and the second hour I will guide you in a discussion on the deeper layers of navigating your mind, how to do it, and why this process is important in becoming liberated (self-mastery) and living your true self.  Each week you will be assigned meditation and questions for homework which you’ll also be able to share in the second hour.


Who is this workshop for? 


This workshop is for someone who is serious and dedicated about understanding the true nature of their mind. It’s hard work, but it’s work that, over time and with practice, you will see results. 


This is for beginners that have never meditated before and also seasonal meditators, who want to learn an intuitive approach of navigating your own mind. You must be committed in all aspects! When you complete this workshop, you will have naturally developed a habit to meditate up to 35mins daily or possibly even more. Be open minded, set no expectations. Trust the process.  Trust in the experience.

4 Weeks of workshop (2 hours per week) 

Week 1Observing the Mind Learn the patterns, thoughts and conditioning of your mind.  


Week 2Break Free the Mind Learn how to interrupt thought patterns and reprogram your mind.

Week 3Taming the Mind Learn how to protect and tame the mind. 

Week 4Integrating the Mind Apply all 3 weeks of meditation and how to integrate it all into your daily practice

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While the law of attraction teaches the beneficial vibrational alignment technique of ‘like attracts like’, it doesn’t go into how to identify and break down the core of our inner conflicts between the conscious and subconscious vibrations.


In order to make the law of attraction work for you and maintain it is to first identify your inner conflicts, understand them, confront them and to break free from them.  You are NOT who you are.  In order to understand that, you must understand the “you” that has been formed out of the perceptions of YOU from others and yourself.


Confronting these inner conflicts consists of accepting them and changing them. It’s simple.  But it’s not that simple.  It’s work.  It’s a daily practice to completely change the way we think and reprogram our inner landscape. Doing so doesn’t mean you need to end your desires or suffering.  It’s about breaking free from all the conceptual ideas you may have made up about yourself or accepted from others’ ideas of who you are. 


Our meditation workshop helps you develop the tools to begin your journey into your mind. 


When you’re ready, come sit with us for a month and journey into the mind. You’re likely to find that your biggest blocks may actually not even be yours, but perceptions of you from an external source that you’ve accepted as your own. Break free from those external opinions of who you are and the limitations you’ve accepted.


You’ll learn to trust your own intuition and navigate your mind & thought process to a deeper layer to help you navigate and get on your true path.


Once again, thank you so much! I just graduated from the 4 week meditation workshop and it consisted of self-awareness, self-healing and just learning to condition the mind. This class is perfect for beginners! It was a life changing experience and highly recommend this place.


I discovered Integration Meditation by accident just driving down Main St. one day. When I arrived back home, I looked up Integration Meditation online and called regarding the meditation workshop. It seemed like something I needed to do. It would be a new adventure for me, something I had never tried.

I have Multiple Sclerosis which affects my walking and my thinking. ME causes mental fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression and attention deficit, as well as physical weakness. My doctor had prescribed adderall for my attention deficit, but it really didn't work, so when I discovered Integration Meditation, I decided to try it.

Just stepping inside the door is like being instantly transported to an oasis of calm in a crazy and hectic world. I knew this was where I needed to be.

I had no prior experience with meditation of this type, but Choying explained how we would begin the process and how to focus our minds. This was a struggle for me because of the chaotic nature of my thoughts. My attention deficit makes it difficult for me to focus my thoughts and concentrate on one thing. I still have to work at it but now I know that it can be done. It calms my mind and helps my mood and focus throughout the day.

I would definitely recommend Integration Meditation to anyone who needs more serenity in their life.

Jo H.

The four weeks of meditation classes at integration meditation where a huge game changer for me personally”. The self introspective I have gained through the  meditation curriculum have given me a totally new outlook on life I would highly recommend this program for anyone.  


I can not say enough about my experience with my mediation journey through Integration Meditation in Edwardsville, IL. It has been such a difficult year and to have the guidance from Choying Huynh and support from Holly, I wouldn’t have gained more peace and self awareness in my life. It was such a unique journey and such a great group to share life experiences with. It was such a great feeling to share in a safe place and know that we all have our own internal journey’s that we face daily. Thank you to Choying at Integration Meditation for this opportunity.


I'm at a point where I need to make decisions quicker than a week, month, or longer by letting the universe play out what I set my intention to. I have applied the meditation technics that Choying has shared in this class and I'm able to meditate morning sometimes night to have clarity that my intuition speaks my truth, sometimes over night. I have dropped labels that have been programmed to me & allow my thoughts to pass through. In some cases, I have stopped throughout my day and wrote down what it is I need to decide on. With my motivation, have had clarity in minutes, hours, or that day!!!


I listen to people talk and I feel it would help most of them to learn his meditation techniques and come back to self love. I don't play the "victim card" but most of this shit isn't our fault, we were programmed young. Until I became aware of my true self, I now live the best version of me.