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Navigating the Mind 


In addition to learning simple and advanced meditation skills, over these four weeks you’ll also learn how to navigate your mind through observation and awareness of your programmed thought patterns and how to break through those patterns and change the thought patterns that no longer serve you.


In the first hour, I will guide you through mediation and the second hour I will guide you in a discussion on the deeper layers of navigating your mind, how to do it, and why this process is important in becoming liberated (self-mastery) and living your true self.  Each week you will be assigned meditation and questions for homework which you’ll also be able to share in the second hour.


Who is this workshop for? 


This workshop is for someone who is serious and dedicated about understanding the true nature of their mind. It’s hard work, but it’s work that, over time and with practice, you will see results. 


This is for beginners that have never meditated before and also seasonal meditators, who want to learn an intuitive approach of navigating your own mind. You must be committed in all aspects! When you complete this workshop, you will have naturally developed a habit to meditate up to 35mins daily or possibly even more. Be open minded, set no expectations. Trust the process.  Trust in the experience.

4 Weeks of the workshop (2 hours per week at the site) Online is one hour per week. The other hour is scheduled for a coaching phone call.

Week 1Observing the Mind Learn the patterns, thoughts and conditioning of your mind.  


Week 2Break Free the Mind Learn how to interrupt thought patterns and reprogram your mind.

Week 3Reprogram The Mind Learn how to reprogram and protect the mind.

Week 4Integrating the Mind Apply all 3 weeks of meditation and how to integrate it all into your daily practice