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Bestsellers & Author First Week Of Book Launch
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We all have a love story, and for some of us, these stories may seem to be never-ending. No matter how many times we are broken by love or experience breakups, there is one love story that many seem to overlook; the relationship we have with ourselves. I present to you my own love story as I walk the path of the warrior on a hero's journey. The reflection of our connections bring healing. Our dreams and passions indicate purpose.

To remember ourselves and who we truly are...this is our very own love story. Our souls yearn for us to awaken...

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About the Author

Choying Huynh, founder of Integration Meditation and creator of the 72 Transformation program, has
successfully taught his students how to navigate the mind through meditation to achieve liberation.
With the use of frequency and drumming, Choying facilitates shamanic healing journeys. After traveling
to Costa Rica to partake in a 21-Day water fast, Choying embarked on a series of journeys to strengthen
his awareness and hone in on his own personal power.


By taking a courageous leap of faith, Choying was
afforded the opportunity to learn from master plant teachers from his time spent in Peru and during his
travels within the United States. Choying’s dedication to his healing and wellness has led him to study
under powerful monks and nuns in the Kopan Monastery in Nepal. His travels allowed for him to explore
the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, which inspired him to create the Navigating the
Mind Program. Today, Choying resides in Denver, Colorado, where he enjoys teaching Kung Fu,
meditations, and guiding people into the light..

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