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Episode 9 Rise from the ashes with Choying

Phoenix Rising with Melissa K. Range


A podcast about putting balance, yin/yang, divine masculine and divine feminine, back into all areas of your life after challenges. How we as humans can rise from the ashes even after traumatic events or having to face and integrate our shadow. How we need to get back to connection with our divine feminine and explore our feelings and listen to our hearts as we surrender our ego. How to Ignite your Inner fire to find your heart and be connected to your authentic self in order to create your Kingdom or Queendom of Heaven on Earth.


Episode 14 Choying with Host Jennifer Wai

The Self



Waking up is hard! When modern spirituality becomes too dominated by commercialization, hashtags, and overall false light, it truly is time for a new age. We discuss all things consciousness, psychic, spiritual, metaphysical and awareness. Pure comedy.

Jennifer Wai : Intuitive Consultant

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