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in·​ner chat·​ter | ˈi-nər ˈcha-tər

: to talk idly, incessantly, or fast through the mind or spirit
: the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentally
: internal dialog, talk or thoughts directed at oneself

Inner Chatter Coffee Night Club is a coffee club for those interested in a nighttime social gathering place to have purposeful, intentional conversation and interaction around understanding your inner chatter - while enjoying coffee! (Or other drink of your choice.)

See below for the two registration options available:

Monthly Membership option (which is this even you have open now) or the Single Walk-In option.

Inner chatter is almost constant and most of us have it. Does your inner chatter support you in your creativity or is it your enemy? Is it good – is it bad? We’ve been in your shoes and have worked through understanding what it is and wanted to create a place for people to come and do the same in a relaxed, low-key space. Where it comes from. How to observe it. How it influences our feelings and behaviors. How and why, we believe “the inner story” over our own intuition many times.


  • 15min group meditation.

  • Self-Serve Free Coffee/Tea/Bubbly

  • Free flow of energy with an option to learn Kung Fu, join in a creative art takeaway, or we’ll just sit around and discuss your Inner Chatter and help you learn to navigate through it.

  • Random unscheduled podcast recordings for Inner Chatter Podcast


  1. MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - The even you have open now is the Monthly Membership option that covers the cost for all the weeks in any given month and is $140/mo.) You'd register once a month at the beginning of the month for this option. Register below for this option.

  2. SINGLE WALK-IN OPTION - If you're interested in coming just a limited number of nights, it's $45/rsvp and you can register for each week separately through the other Meet Up with the name "Inner Chatter Coffee Club (SINGLE WALK-IN OPTION)"

  3. THIRD OPTION - To support our past students that completed our navigating the mind meditation workshop. We have a discounted membership price. (Contact Us For Details, if you would like to take our powerful meditation workshop). 



We all have the ability to live in a constant natural state of flow and still be able to slow down, enjoy and be in the present. With Caffeine or without! And we’re all here to do a soul work. What is your Your Passion? What is Your Purpose?

  • This is a place intended for active listening, respect the boundaries/space around members who choose to take part in kung-fu demonstrations, creative arts, or choose to have a quiet side conversation or personal meditation on their own.

  • We ask members to refrain from using their cell phones during the club membership hours (as respect to others who are there to slow down, be mindful and present.)

  • Monthly Membership (no carry-overs); No Refunds; No Rescheduling

  • If interested in Kung-Fu, there will be a waiver to sign.

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