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A place to train the mind and body and bring them into harmony


Our purpose is to help you deeply connect to your self's true nature; Integrating both mind and body in harmony.


Our space welcomes everyone to show up authentically.  Integration Meditation invites you to set aside ego to allow full humanity to arise naturally.


Integration Meditation provides professional services to enhance your unique skill set, and physical ability, for practical integration into your daily routine.


Integration Meditation provides an opportunity for those seeking a positive change. And, we are here to facilitate an affirmative environment, allowing you to connect deeply with your potential.


Our mission is simple and practical: Integration Meditation coaches are here to support you to develop good habits, by providing the support necessary for YOU to create, and develop, good habits necessary for a healthy body and mind.

Thank you for allowing us to be one of many steps on your journey to good health.




My philosophy for Gung Fu is to develop your body physcially is not only healthy, but a path toward self-discipline, mindfulness and empowerment. Mindfulness can be cultivate through meditation, a powerful way to expand your awareness. Being in a state of meditation means being present with what is. Based on this practice, training in Gung Fu and meditation, commitment and effort can greatly contribute toward a long healthy and enjoyable life.


I went to my first yoga class in 2009. I instantly knew it would be a life-long endeavor and have been practicing consistently since. As a teacher, I feel profound purpose witnessing the deep transformation and unfolding of individuals and they dive deeper into themselves. Vinyasa was always the style of yoga that I felt most connected to, so it’s no surprise that I embarked on a Vinyasa teacher training in 2017. I focus on proper alignment within the body, as it is essential to going further into asana and its healing capacities.


My philosophy in self-defense is there are no rules in actual real life encounters. Train the way you will fight and to expect the unexpected. To be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and to win at any and all costs. This is about valuing your life and possibility saving someone else life. Lastly, have the awareness and be able to adapt to any encounter and situation.


I am Nik and I have been studying and teaching Chen Style Taiji (T'ai Chi) since 2001. I have experienced that the path of Taiji can be used as a program of preventative healthcare and to support spiritual growth. Important components of Taiji include Chan Szu Chin and Qiqong exercies, which serve as the foundation to Taiji. Chan Szu Chin exercises, also known as Silk Reeling, are exclusive to Chen Style Taiji and are excellent for practicing Taiji principles of whole body involvement. Additionally, these strengthening exercises loosen the muscles prior to Qigong so that Qigong is more effective.


Approach Taiji & Qigong with an aim to rekindle and nourish a love of self. To study the meditative arts is to apply a change in lifestyle. We work to promote our bodies with good food, positive thoughts, and consistent cultivation. It is my greatest honor to share my perspective for your own healing and empowerment.


One of our love and kindness meditation coach. He volunteer to teach a gentle meditation for experienced and inexperienced meditatorsand all other interested parties are welcome to attend.


I am Laura and I love to learn about and share the art and science of meditation and breathwork.  Since beginning a regular regimen of both meditation and breathwork, my life has completely changed for the better.  I feel as though I have received the answer to many of the questions that I have been asking throughout my entire lifetime up to this point.  Because of that, I am passionate about guiding anyone else who is wondering how to begin their own journey into themselves through these methods.  I love the approach that Integration Meditation has with it's clients because it is on of non-judgment and openness.  I am proud to be a part of this community and I value all I have learned as a result.  




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