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Beth Thater-Maune

Meet Beth Thater-Maune

Beth is a gifted Healer, Shaman, Universal Channel, and International Best Seller Author of “Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose; A Guide to Answering Your Divine Calling.”  Her daily activities include interaction with Jesus, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Pleiadians, Lemurians, Galactic Counsel, and many others for guidance and healing energy being brought through her to help her clients. Beth activates your specific blueprints and assists you in aligning to your Soul’s Purpose and Destiny. Beth works at a deep cellular level. She has the gift to see beyond the veils into the unseen worlds and hears with great discernment and clarity. Beth’s clients state, “Beth’s work is strong, and they have not felt or experienced anything like this before.” She is aligning to the higher realm frequencies and this light holds powerful energetic Christ Consciousness Light Codes.


Beth has been invited to bring specific energetic work in on this evening to support our setting. She will be supporting each of you by opening up your heart centers through pulling seals which have been held over your heart region. These seals are binding and keeping you from operating in your full potential. What we are doing is releasing archaic/ancestral energies which have been trapped beneath the seals. You will experience an influx of light surge back through your body as you free up and release these dense energies. Every cell will move through a rejuvenation and there is an acceleration of your light expanding throughout your entire body. This process is tangible! One client stated, “It feels like heaven rushing in.”


Beth will prepare our class by removing several heart seals prior to our mediation. This will allow you to move into an even greater alignment. After the meditation, Beth will speak about her powerful spiritual awakening and how she was guided to write her book “Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose; A guide to Answering her Divine Calling.” Books will be on sale for $20.00 for paperback. Hardback books $25.00. The messages contained within are powerful!