Tibetan Artist

Please visit my tibetan painting teacher website. He is the third generation of Tibetan Thangka painting from his great grand father. You can contact him or myself, if you have a specific thangka you would like him to paint.

All painting are paint by hand and it can take months to complete. There is no amazon prime, two-days shipping. : )

His school is where I learned how to paint thangka during the time I was in a monastery meditation retreat in Nepal. Each day, I walk down from the monastery to spend a few hours painting and have tea with him and his wife. The photos on his website is the photos I took when I was there with him.

He also invited me to his home to have lunch with his family. On my last day in Nepal, he took me to the dragon monastery lineage to visit, but we could not go in, we end up visiting another monastery, have lunch and tea.

Please support him and his family. You can email him and ask him any questions.

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