The best has yet to come

I saw a sign that says something like this "The best has yet to come".

Well, you would think and I used to think this is positive and optimistic.

When you observe and understand how energy works with manifestation.

The best has yet to come, will never come. It's a trap to the way we think especially if we are wanting to create something that has not yet materialized.

I remember when I was studying English in ESL (English as a second language). My teacher would grade my essay, never wanted me to start a sentence with "I" or try to replace it with something other than using so much of "I". Why would I not use yet, when I am asked to write about what I did? I am talking about me, I did it. You can tell my writing is still in the ESL phrase, since I am free from all constructs of conditional and continue to break free. I do my best to correct it but I do not get frustrated. Once I feel I can express it what I wanted to say, it flows outwardly to the universe, and out it goes into manifestation. So "The best is here".

I think we should learn or relearn how energy works and how words and language either trap or free us.

What is your take? It's not that simple to just understand, say it, and be done. We have to clear all other emotions, old emotions, judgement before we can think, virtual and feel to manifest what we want.

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