Restructuring Life

These two words don't flow, it will do for now. You can recreate life again and again, when there is no more expectation or failure of self. Life is self in itself.

Let's cut the crap and go straight to creation mode. Once the mind is free from old patterns and conditions, or able to move through them in Nano secs. You start creating every thing from the present. No goals, no daily task. Just sit and create in front of the laptop. Straight up like Steve Job, taking no for answers and demand his ideas and concept to make it happen.

I am not a big fan of Steve Job, he was a dick in the corporate world, treating people like shit. Yet everyone praise him like some Apple Candy man. He more like Penny Wise from Apple store.

New things created. If you're interested, I can add you to my NFT & Indestructible Wealth (crypto space). It's a learning tools, I been recently (since 2017) experiencing the crypto space. Just dive more back into yet. Experience few rug pull. Who cares, life is a risk. Rugs got to eat too.

I am loving the NFT space. It's just sharing notes. You are welcome to hop on and ride this new wave. You're the creator! Put the books down.

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