Lotus Born - Dakini - Quantum - Kundalini - Consciousness

This documentary is about "Lotus Born" Padmasambhava (guru rinpoche).

This speaks not just about Buddhism or about the life of Padmasambhava but

it speaks about quantum energy and consciousness.

It also speaks about Dakini. Dakini in Buddhism is wisdom of femminie energy.

In the past, I shared about the Yellow Emperor, in China that once as a ruler learned from

heaven dakini (actually in the chinese, it is a female heaven deity), taught him tantric practice of achieving longevity and ability to achieve enlightenment as a human being.

In Kundalini (rising spiritual energy) a serpent energy is also a femine dark matter. Not because it's bad but it's part of who we are in nature both dark and light.

Padmasmbhava, learned from the dakini to master negative energy and convert it to positive. In Dakini, it's the emptiness of wisdom. It's just energy. Padmasmbhava was about to tame his mind and dark entities (ghost, demons) (negative energy) to positive.

In quantum, it's not about changing the outer world but changing (positive) our reality of perception.

Watch this documentary

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