How to cycle your thoughts

I am not making this up, you can cycle your thoughts of what you want to protect you from unwanted random useless thoughts. You can place your mantra ahead and before all random useless thoughts arise

This only works like any other meditation that you continue to practices daily. Daily we observe everything (outside world) again. I have to repeat that everything is outside, our thought is perceived and feeding us information from this non-real reality. Why is it becoming non-real? Because if I can change how I feel and think instantly from pain to stillness. How can it be real? I am not talking about physical pain, that does feel real.

Few things (mantra) or switch to my conscious thoughts (choosing). I am careful with choosing the word(s) to express to you how I feel and do in the mind. So we don't just conceptualize it and say that is the way. The way and only way is when you get the ah-ha moment of experience, the experience of your nature (the automatic response) from your subconscious and conscious thoughts.

  1. Step back and observe and observe the same thoughts and feelings.

Step 1 is not a mantra or affirmation but it helps us see clearly to wake up our awareness to the thoughts that we so occupy by it.

2. See people and things as God, a God may be defined by source or divine. The word that resonates with you. You must see yourself first.

3. Can your same thoughts shift to a different feeling? away from the judgment, overly attached to the story or questions. Can you feel slightly free, free from the You? the ego? the self?

That's it! you becoming free from your mind. What experiences

work for you?

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