5 Tibetan Rite "The fountain of Youth"

5 Simple & Power movement for healing, rejuvenation and longevity reported to be more than 2,500 years old

The Author Peter Kelder “Ancient Secret of The Fountain of Youth” and “The Eye of Revelation” bring the Tibetan yoga emphasize a continuous sequence of movement in sanskrit as vinyasa, a smooth transition of movement paired with the breath.

According to Peter Kelder, these were practices by the monks that live in monasteries in the Himalayas. One of the first rites is spinning “psychic vortexes” within the body.

My experiences with the first rite, when I spin up to 21 times, constantly I can see and feel myself covered with Golden light aura that comes down from the crown and there is healing energy that radiates down to my body.

According to many findings and research of these rites practices. It is supposed to open the seven major chakras in our body. A past student introduced me to practice the 5 Tibetan Rites. I came across it a few years back and of course, at that time. I was already in a healthy state, so I find these exercises silly and a waste of time. It was such perfect timing as I was moving through a seasonal weather change and was tired and exhausted due to bad eating habits.

Just so I was looking to improve my training and always improvising to improve the way I cultivate the mind and body. As I started with just a simple 3 set per rite. I noticed I was feeling stronger each day and added the ritual with daily (7 days a week) practices of meditation, breath-work, 5 Tibetan rites, Qigong (body movement) and kung fu and Cacao ceremony. All of this can be done less than an hour. The Cacao do help with eliminating bad eating habits and food addictions.

I am not seeking immortality, the mind itself is external. If we really observe our mind in meditation, how our past and future can be experienced in the present. It shows that our mind stream is external. Since our body is our temple, it’s best to take care of it while we are alive. We should be living pain free as we age. This is why I implemented adding 5 Tibetan rites practices to all my kung fu students. The 72 transformations will give them the framework to fully engage and ability to self-heal with these practices. I hope everyone fully heals and finds a daily practice and routine to engage in the mind and body. That is all you truly have to experience the outer world from expanding the awareness in your inner world.

Don’t waste life and time on non-sense of how to live in the world that is created all by your thoughts/mind and DNA. All you have left in life is yourself. The self-less or ego-less cannot be understood or experienced without fully engaging with the Selfishness of understanding you. Break-free while you’re still alive to experience this reality.

Here is the link to purchase the Cacao that I personally use daily. I mix it with organic honey, matcha tea powder and grass-fed butter. I drink my cacao during meditation before my morning coffee. Come join one of our morning session practices, you can experience and take to practice back home for your morning daily ritual.

Firefly Cacao is ethically traded and 100% pure cacao. I love their Medicinal Mushrooms and Tantric Rose Blossom

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