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What is Instant Meditation?


Instant Meditation is our version of a "Pop-Up Store" only with meditation, coffee and/or tea! The events will be random, with short notice, and will be held at different locations in the area. Each event consists of: 25min. of meditation, 1hr of meditation talk, and includes one free cup of coffee. Bring your own water.


We all have the ability to live in a constant natural flow of energy and still be able to slow down to enjoy and be in the present. When we feel it, we should fully embrace it and create a space in the NOW which is the basis of our story behind Instant Meditation


Instant Meditation came about one morning after we finished an early meditation and having several things we needed to accomplish that day. We were having beautiful weather and decided to have a quick cup of coffee outside before getting into the busyness of the day. So we set up a table and chairs on the side of the building and as most conversations happen with us, we started talking philosophy, training the mind, and meditation. Lunch time came and we hadn't eaten yet so we heated up some instant noodles and continued our conversation and being in the present just hanging out on the side of the building. We said to each other "We should do this with the public. Serve coffee and have meditation talk as just pop-ups across the city on days we just get the feeling to have coffee and talk meditation." As we finished our instant noodles...and so the story goes, Instant Meditation was created.

Where to find us? 

You can find us pop up anywhere and any time on one of our meetup group.

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