What does wealth have to do with meditation?

Wealth is part of your creation and manifestation. We have divine right and will to be successful. Making money is not about working harder. It is about alignment.

How we choose to align and attract wealth is how we feel about money inside. Making money and building wealth is no different than what we do with health and personal growth.

In meditation, we first begin by coming back to self-love, self-compassion then we already take the first step into coming back to align our God/Source "I AM" presence.

Building Wealth and making money is exercising your mindset and the power of the mind. 

Few keys points in helping understand manifesting money and how to align with the universe to support you. 

1. We don’t chase money. Yet, we chase time when we work for somebody else. We provide our time in exchange for money that only gives us what they think we are worth based on your job title. You’re worth more, you cannot label or put a number to your worth. You’re an infinite being. 


2. We don’t chase people. We built relationships with people. I speak about understanding the difference in Intention vs Motivation. Motivation gives us a better grasp in our relationship with our thoughts and how we feel and why we’re doing it. It’s the blindspot that we normally do not see when we set an intention. 


3. Habits- Our habits and routine determine where we are heading. Are we learning and growing? Sometimes our personal situation and environment create unwanted bad habits and routines. This is not a bad thing at all. Bad habits can be easy to overcome, If we want to change, we can align with the right people, and with the right mindset, we can learn to develop good habits and routine. This goes with wealth, health, and spiritual growth.


3. Discipline - This speaks for itself. Do we have the will and dedication to train our mind & body? Why making money is such a challenge for some of us? We want results and success right away, while it takes discipline and time to build a strong foundation to place the effort into where we put our energy back to ourselves. It goes back to how much time you are willing to put in the work and discipline yourself so that you’re not distracted by other things that are not serving you.


4. Failure - We don’t fail, we never do. Its part of personal growth and lessons and fear is one of the factors that contribute to our ideas and imagination that we failed. Who says we fail? The opinion of others? Almost all your thoughts of both negative and positive originate from your thoughts (the mind). It’s the programs and opinions of everyone else, it’s not you. It’s all labels that we accepted as true. Your true power, Infinite power of your divine essence, which is love. When you can understand love, there is no failure, just an experience. People think you fail is because they are comparing to what they have, which is their own personal experience. It has nothing to do with you.


5. Boundaries - Setting boundaries is not about building walls. It’s about prioritizing our focus and energy. It starts with self-care, your wellness should be the most important. Without health and wellness, all your money and success is not going to matter. Your boundaries will expand as you continue your personal development. You’ll learn not to allow others suffering and pain (negativity) to project into your life. You cannot serve others with all your problems with you, but you can align yourself take small steps to grow, and learn together without blaming or complaining about life. 


6. Responsibility - We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Once you understand boundaries, you are not responsible for others' suffering. This also means we are responsible for our own suffering, both negative and positive. 


7.  Have fun - Life's too short, have fun. Enjoy life! Go out and enjoy everything you already have. Have gratitude that you are alive. We are real, we have our own struggles in life just like you and you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here together on this journey. 


Lastly, everything you do is building a relationship with yourself and others. 

Indestructible Wealth  


I will share with you how to buy gold & silver to protect your wealth and gain prosperity and freedom. I have discovered that we're here in the either as a part of the collective "one". Each one of us is born with infinite power in the universe, able to focus the mind to control our subconscious.


Our team is focusing on building a wealth of creating residual income and buying/saving silver or gold. We started the Indestructible Wealth team to coach our unique way on how to use your thoughts to protect yourself from the economic weather that is soon to take place by the change from fiat to digital currency. Gold & silver is second to none, so one option is to simply convert your fiat currency and buy the tangible assets, at direct dealership prices. 


Our goal is to help everyone reach their goal with a financial award of weekly checks starting up to $500 per week. We want someone who is going to align with our vision. Here are questions to ask yourself---


Why should I want to be part of the Indestructible Wealth team? Who is this for?


Do I have a Positive mindset?

How can I help others grow as I've been helped to grow?

At minimum, can I make the commitment to the team to show others the coins? (the gold/silver speak for itself when new people see them)

Am I motivated/willing to help other people in our team to reach their goals in building wealth?

Can I keep climbing up as we build our income stream as individuals and working together as a team?

How can I train other team members who are willing to learn to build their legacy of financial freedom?

Do I want to earn extra income or replace my job?


Our organization truly wants to help people to be liberated in all aspects of Life, Wealth, Health, Financial, and Freedom in harmony. You’re in control of your life and may be unaware of conscious bad choices you are making in life.


I will boldly say that I will help show you how to live your true best version of yourself.

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