Discovering our true power requires Patience, Courage, the correct tools, and a Committed mind set. Become fully present! This workshop provides tools and loving encouragement while we cultivate a balance between body and mind to feel Present and Alive in every moment. 


Integration Meditation hosts this phenomenal 13-hour workshop that flies by while you learn and experience the insights provided through Breathwork, Meditation,Tai Chi and Qigong, creative collaboration, a shamanic drumming journey as well as aura photography!


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided. 


Class is small -- six students and six instructors. 

We pride ourselves on providing this intimate setting as we share this journey and guide individuals on their personal journey integrating essential tools from Breathwork, Meditation, Qigong, and Yoga into our daily lives. These gentle practices are added to your own toolbox and you can determine which exercises resonate with you the most! Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. We are here to support and encourage you. As you grow, we grow too. 

You must reach out confidently for this extra support and inspiration!

In our shared strength, we all become stronger assets for ourselves in our own lives! 

Do not be discouraged!


Every moment is an opportunity to recreate and strengthen ourselves. 


Drop the protective shield of isolation!


Embrace your power and release every stale doubt and fear!


Allow no shadow to reside within the brilliance of your heart-body-mind!


The subtle realms of energy and perspective are guided by the Breath with consistent, conscious intention.


We can accept the vulnerability of being alive and allow every emotion to wash through ourselves without excessive attachment.


You must be gentle with yourself because to integrate this work is to Continually Come Back to Self-Love and Self-Compassion.

Take Your First Step To Discover Your True Power









I feel very honored to have attended the Saturday workshop at Integrative meditation.  Although I knew no one, I felt a sincere warmth and connection with the teachers, guides, cooks and my fellow classmates. I intuitively believe integrative meditation is a safe place for all types of expressive, healing practices.   I am grateful you are located in my community.   


I knew right off I was in a safe place for eating when the food was approached with a positive energy in its preparation.  Thank you for that.  Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe digestive disease which landed me in the hospital thirteen times or more, countless medical leaves from work, and a few humbling brushes with death.  And because of this life changing experience, I have developed an array of alternative tools in my tool box for self-preservation. I am always looking for aspiration to get to the next level, and I felt this workshop was just that.  It packed a punch of love from the teachers and was motivational for all levels of learners.  Thank you.


After the work shop I have been practicing meditation and breath work.  I can honestly say I feel much more grounded and calm at work and home.  I’ve become more aware of slowing down just in everyday life, such as walking slower through the grocery store and just listening differently in conversations with co-workers and students.  I felt like I was a healer, but just couldn’t see where it was happening at in my career and everyday life.  Those healing moments have been surfacing after the workshop.  I had the speech pathologists ask me what type of energy ball breath work I was doing in my class, because the technique has been helping a student who’s been getting speech for years. I had my principal approach me this week and tell me how therapeutic my art program is for traumatized students.  So, I do have a more open hearted outlook in what I do.  Thank you for the guidance. 


Also, I am very thankful you sent a refresher on the wisdom that was shared in the workshop.  

I am looking forward to the growth within integrative meditation.  As the end of Main street begins to flourish, I believe your program will flourish right along with it.


Creatively yours,

- Trixy 

First I want to say thank you for opening your hearts , your family your knowledge to me and to so many others. 


Now lets get to the meat of things. The workshop was phenomenal!! Well planned, ran smoothly. I loved it. Some work shops drag on, but not this one. Time flew past. So much knowledge was given throughout the day. I loved the concept of so many different disciplines being introduce to the participants. It was the perfect amount so you didn’t fell overwhelmed.Each instructor was incredible. Talking you thru everything, walking around to help assist those who need help. It made me feel important and not lost in the shuffle  like it happens at a lot of workshops. I believe the small # of participants made for a more intimate learning experience. The fact you had as many instructors as participants, honestly has a 5 star move. Gave the ability to have 1 on 1 assistance if necessary.


The food was awesome!!! Three square healthy meals.  While on the subject of food. Awesome idea restricting the caffeine in the morning so that the effects of the breath work and mediation could really be felt. 


The Tai Chi and yoga was new to me and I loved them both. I definitely learned appreciation for both and would love to look into them more. 


As I said loved the workshop…loved everything. 


I wanted to add some suggestions to make a incredible experience even better.  In yoga it would be awesome to have amended moves for those of us not as athletically inclined at this moment. And it might just be for some poises there’re no alternate move, and that okay. I still enjoyed. As they say nothing good comes easy. 


I would have loved to learned from our chefs, what was prepared. I know you may not want to give up the full recipe i.e. seasoning,  (trade secrets and all lol) I was more thinking along the lines of maybe letter us know where to purchase the gluten free noodles etc. Thanks like that. 


Other than that..I am extremely grateful and humbled. I am striving to incorporate all these in my life, particularity the meditation and breath work. It was the perfect little workshop. Oh and I loved the meditation walk. 

 - Angel

Discover Your True Power Workshop- This workshop was life changing for me. I came into the workshop so rundown and heart broken. My cup was empty, I felt I had nothing left to give. However, I just knew this is what I needed. In a demanding world with all of the responsibilities I no longer felt like “me” anymore.


This workshop gave me a great foundation to rediscover my power! The focus of meditation, breath work, yoga, chan szu chin, qiqong, teamwork and a shamanic drumming journey were powerful in their own way. My favorite part was probably shamanic drumming, it was quite the experience. The energy of our group could have moved mountains, the team work flowed really well with people complete strangers at the beginning of the day. However, these strangers have now created a family! 


The amount of love, strength and overwhelming positive energy that was flowing by the end of the day was life changing. I can’t thank my Integration Meditation instructors and team enough for their hard work in creating such a wonderful experience! If you are willing to put in the work, you will feel the results!

- Amy

A full day of love, kindness, and new experiences.  

At first I was skeptical because “there is no free lunch”, but there was free breakfast, lunch and dinner lovingly prepared and served in between sessions. 

My family was also concerned. They thought I might be inducted into a cult or be brainwashed into making a monetary contribution.  Didn’t happen. No collection plate was circulated and no coercion. Everything was given with love. 

It was a peaceful day of meditation and drumming, which I was familiar with but also a session on Breath work which was very enlightening and beneficial. 

The introduction to chan Suzhou chin and ongoing we’re both well presented and informative. 

The only thing that did not gel for me was the teamwork session and the push to become a “tribe”.  For me, meditation is a personal journey.

I loved this workshop and fully recommend taking advantage of it if given a chance 

- Gwen

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