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Foundational Yoga

Would you like to take a class that shows you the foundations for moving with more ease in your life? Would you like to be a bit stronger? Is your focus for wanting to take yoga to create physical stability, or to ease "maturity" pains? This yoga class, focusing on foundational yoga movements, while honoring alignment, core strength, breath, and mindfulness, is for you.


Self-Defense A.R.T.

Self-Defense A.R.T. of self-awareness/protection A =Assertive R =Response T =Techniques Train to response in simple and effective combat of self-defense. ESCAPE TO GAIN SAFETY (Eyes/Throat/Groin/Shins) Train three levels of combat. Entry Pressure Termination Train four ranges of combat Kicking Punching Trapping Grappling


Chan Szu Chin

(We recommend taking this class with Qigong together)

Chan Szu Chin exercises, also known as Silk Reeling, are exclusive to Chen Style Taiji and are excellent for practicing Taiji principles of whole body involvement. Additionally, these strengthening exercises loosen the muscles prior to Qigong so that Qigong is more effective. We teach primarily Hun Yuan Qigong energy cultivation and healing techniques. Qigong exercises focus on the vital breath/life essence, the Spirit/awareness, and the vital energy. Come join us and experience the difference between living and existing!



(We recommend taking this class together with Chan Szu Chin)

QIGONG The practice of Qigong follows ancient principles of breath, posture, and movement that relax the body's joints and sinews to optimize whole body circulation and to promote overall well-being. We are transforming every moment of every day! Nurture your original nature with slow and gentle movements that anyone can learn, regardless of age or current ability! Come rediscover the enjoyment of moving freely and the contentment of being comfortably still. Love your heart, Calm your mind, and Listen to your body: Following each breath deeply inward...and slowly dissolving outward with every exhalation. The mind is of the body and the body is of this world and there is no separation but our perceived space allows for movement and transformation of our everything within this everything



Love and Kindness meditation

This will be a very gentle practice. Experienced and inexperienced meditators and all other interested parties are welcome to attend. 1. A brief period of instruction (more detailed instruction will be provided for first-time meditators). 2. Sitting meditation (approximately 20 minutes). 3. Walking meditation (approximately 10 minutes). 4. Additional sitting meditation for the promotion of lovingkindness (approximately 10 minutes). 5. An opportunity for reflection (for those who feel comfortable participating).


Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilizing both striking and grappling, while specializing in close-range combat. The Wing Chun fighting system involves being as efficient in motion, time and energy. This system is the traditional art/IP Ching lineage.  We'll teach and guide you on how to apply it to the mind, body and spirit. The first most important form in Wing Chun is Siu Lim Tao (little head idea).  It is the foundation of the art from which all succeeding forms and techniques depend on. Fundamental rules of balance and body structure are developed here.

Siu Lim Tao form is the first open hand form of Wing Chun. It is translated as “little idea head” (Siu Lim Tao). The form itself is broken down into three sessions. Wing Chun is a traditional, effective, martial art that helps develop your mind, body and spirit through discipline, relaxation, and fitness. To achieve optimal execution of these principles, we practice a complete system of forms, two person drills, applications, and understanding of the methods.