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Navigate The Mind - Meditation

  • 28Days
  • 64Steps


This course was designed to enhance every level of meditation practice. This was recorded for previous students. New students, do your best. It’s to help you meditate without an app. For the serious student who has completed the “ Navigate The Mind” meditation workshop (part 1) yet desires more, this refresher course will offer a deeper level of “self consciousness” For beginners or first time student, the “ Navigate The Mind” (4) week workshop will assist you in finding your own unique path through a series of powerful “self awareness” meditations. What Students Can Expect To Learn : Students will usher in greater levels of self confidence through discovering the power of their “self-directed, intentions. through the utilization of specialized meditation skills and practices. I have created the “Navigate The Mind” workshop as a (4) part series focus. Note: This is (NOT) a guided meditation course. If you are interested in guided meditation, I highly recommend you choose the coaching. Outline in these course. In week 3 & 4 meditation will link to youTube for the audio. All modules is audio only. Week 1 Observe The Mind Meditation for both day & night (10mins) Week 2 Breaking Free Meditation for both day & night (25mins) Seven Points Sitting Posture Week 3 Reprogram The Mind Meditation for both day & night (35mins) Ego Meditation Ego Meditation Explanation Week 4 Integration The Mind Meditation for both day & night 1 hour) Emptiness Meditation

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