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3-6-9 CODES


When it first got my attention by one of my soul brother Yannae, shared his youTube video on experiment and experiences the 369 code. I decided to test it with our inner chatter coffee club group. So far it's working, I've decided to share this to everyone. There are few things that I personally discovered that this code is the universe codes, speaks in frequency, vibrations and numbers. This works with creating your want and desire. This won't work if there is lots of inner chatter of our subconscious mind. We require meditation and other tools to clear our old programming. You can watch two videos that explains the 3-6-9. Reach out to me for my meditation program, if you want to learn how to clear old programming and create this inner peace and quiet in your mind. My meditation workshop, will help you become an observer, break free from programming and reprogram the mind. Integration requires daily practices, support and living your authentic true self. 

I created an intent, purpose guided meditation for well-being meditation base on the 369 code. Here is the I AM affirmations played total in 9 times. You can listen 3, 6, 9 as the method intent daily or as many times as you like. We are light and energetic being with human emotions. To create the material world, we are coded with numbers and frequency. Self-mastery is also mastering our energy. Remember, we are unique and each of us, individually are to self-discovery to understand who we are. Even if you can master these code to manifest/create the material world, you still need to balance and master your spirituality. Yours core being in your strongest foundation is knowing who you're that is your light, truth, love, kindness and all aspects with the relationships of everything in this planet. 

3-6-9 (3518).png
3-6-9 (3518) (1).png
3-6-9 (3518) (2).png

Reach out if you love to professionally record your own affirmation. Your voice is powerful, to listen to yourself with love and self-empowerment is a powerful way to bring your creation into your reality. 

1. Create your own affirmation. (If you need help with affirmation, let me know. My co-host Emerald Raye, can assist you outside of this recording. I can refer you to Emerald. 


2. Once you have the affirmation, schedule date/time to record. 

3. I will create in loop of your affirmation in 3, 6, 9 times with one music that I use (copyrighted and cannot be shared except for you). It's the same music you hear from the videos above.

4. Price is $108, no refund after it completed and send it to you share google drive for you. If you need to re-edit, I still have to record and edit entirely new. 

Recommend you listen to your own audio, 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night. You will begin to feel the shift, what your desire and want, should open new opportunity. Remember I cannot do anything for you except for record this audio. If you want coaching or classes, it can help you break away other old programs and patterns that might be hindering or blocking your own creating energetically. Keep in mind, nothing happen as it might seen in creation. Road bumps are part of learning and growth. Pay attention to your synchronicity, be open to receive.  

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